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In 2005, after graduating from the prestigious Istituto Marangoni in Milan, Boris Pavlin established his own fashion label and made his first foray into the Croatian fashion world.

His debut collection, filled with unorthodox colour and pattern matching, combined with fresh tailoring solutions, earned him instant recognition and acclaim from both critics and audiences. He followed this up in 2006 by winning the prestigious Croatian fashion Oscar award for the best collection of the year, and he is the youngest designer to win it to date.

In the work that has followed, along with more public acclaim, his designs have become increasingly refined, maturing into a delicate tapestry of handmade details, intricate embroidery and clear feminine forms easily recognised by fashion connoisseurs. He is especially beloved by brides, and his bespoke designs are highly sought after.

Today, in Croatia his name has become synonymous with what he loves to do most – creating unique clothes that make women look stunningly beautiful.